Participatory Community Theatre Performance

The Lesson • Macau

A Co-Production by Dirks Theatre (Macau) and Drama Box

Photo by 秋绫

2 – 3 Mar 2019

3.30pm – 5.30pm

Leisure Area of Edf. Lok Yeong Fa Yuen (R. do Gen. Ivens Ferraz), Macau

Mainly in Cantonese

Free admission, but registration is required

This is a city where people from all walks of life live.

The authorities have plans to construct a transportation hub that consists of a traffic network of overhead passes, to connect the city to the intercity rail and high-speed rail system outside of the district, in the hope of easing current road congestions and facilitating the movement of its residents with neighbouring cities, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life of its residents.

A piece of land in the city will be requisitioned for the construction of this transportation hub. The sites that are being considered include facilities that are important to the city, bearing historical, social, commercial or cultural significance, or providing for a disadvantaged community. Every facility has its function, value, history and significance.

The authorities are now inviting the residents to be part of the decision making process – Which facility should go, in order to realise the plan?

If you were one of the residents, which facility would you choose to let go of?

About The Lesson

The Lesson was created by Li Xie and Drama Box, and made its first appearance at the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015 to critical acclaim. As part of the trilogy It Won’t Be Too Long, the impactful participatory performance was lauded by local media as one of the best productions of 2015. We have since adapted the piece and brought it to Taiwan in December 2016, and the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam in March 2017. The piece was also piloted as a theatre programme for youths at two local secondary schools in 2016, and a junior college in 2017 with the support of MOE CCEB.


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