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GoLi – The Moving Theatre at
International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam
29 Mar – 2 Apr 2017

Drama Box has been invited to participate in the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) in Rotterdam. The festival, which premiered in 2001, has been at the forefront of bringing together community arts practitioners from all over the world.

This year, ICAF has specially invited GoLi – the Moving Theatre to make an appearance at the festival. GoLi will house two sessions of The Lesson (first performed at the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015). This mark the first time GoLi will be travelling such great distances, popping up outside of Singapore.

Drama Box’s presence at ICAF is made possible with the support of:

NAC Singapore International Foundation

“It is work like theirs that mark our cultural activity in Singapore as unique and different from those of countless other cities around the world.”
T Sasitharan
Director, Intercultural Theatre Institute


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