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“GoLi – The Moving Theatre”

The First Inflatable Pop-Up Theatre in Singapore

07 Nov 2013 - 31 Dec 2014

"Theatre does not target only the upper class. If theatre needs to convey a message, then our target audience should be the masses at the lowest end. I have always believed that it is time people can easily access theatre. In other words, every time I want to watch a play, I can do so without having to pay a lot of money, or even without paying a cent. Community theatre discusses issues that are easy to understand, but that does not mean that its presentation or artistic value is at the lowest-end. We cannot underrate the general public's ability to appreciate the arts."

– Extracted from "Interview with Kok Heng Leun — Newspaper/Community Theatre", from the book "Drama Box: 1992-2002" (Singapore: Drama Box, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2004), Page 283.

We strongly believe that community cultural development is an important aspect of developing humanistic approaches to community building, as well as empowering and honouring the creativity of individuals at all levels. We also believe that Community Theatre should be given as much respect and effort as performances in the theatre.

After more than a decade of engaging the community in exploring social issues through timely and intimate works, Drama Box is ready to bring our works in the community to the next level.

We are set to build the 1st inflatable pop-up theatre "GoLi – The Moving Theatre" in Singapore!

It has always been our dream to be able to reach out to more people with our work, and elevate its artistic and aesthetical qualities so as to better engage with the community. "GoLi", an iconic structure, that not only complements our work but provides us with foundation to build our works upon, does just that. Our dream is almost within reach.

As with all our work in the community, this dream can only be complete with you.

We hope to raise S$200,000 by the end of April 2014 to build the first “GoLi” and another S$200,000 by end December 2014 to build the remaining 3. Having the collative power of the community, corporations and the government coming together to make this dream come true is an integral part of this project. This dream belongs to all of us.

It is not the amount but the support that counts. Any amount of donation, no matter how big or small means a lot.

Together we can build something special.

GoLi Kaki

Pek Sin Choon ufm 1003 Ramen Play Breadtalk IHQ

Ng Yong Yi @ Semistudio

Neo Hai Bin


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