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24 June 2013

For immediate release

Drama Box relaunches online publication with biannual, bilingual Draft 志异

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In the spirit of wanting to encourage an audience to give greater thought about arts, culture and life, Drama Box took it upon themselves to put up a bilingual online publication featuring writings and interviews with arts practitioners. Known simply as a "Drama Box newsletter", it was published once every quarter, since December 2011.

Helmed by a team of four core members – Amanda Leong, Nicole Lim, Teo Eng Hao and Wang Fang – each issue of the then-newsletter addressed a certain theme, such as "Women", "In the Making", "Learning" and "Public Spaces & Social Activism". Articles originally written in English were arduously translated to Chinese, and vice versa. The publication featured some of the region's big names such as founder and co-artistic director of Zuni Icosahedron Danny Yung and Taiwan-based film maker Tsai Ming-liang.

Draft – a reinvention

After five quarterly issues, the online newsletter has now become a biannual ezine (electronic magazine), with the intention of providing a more engaging read for its readers, with increased depth, breadth and thematic focus.

Readers can expect intellectually stimulating articles with in-depth discussion on the issues presented. While the newsletter previously focused on theatre-related content, Draft will now feature articles relating to all fields of studies, providing myriad perspectives and modes of thought.

While the editorial team crafts thought-provoking content with more thematic focus, this online magazine is conceptualised with continuous pagination as part of the dialogic aspect and accompanying images that complement the words to generate ideas, moods and feelings to enhance the visual experience, in the same direction.

We begin the reinvention of Draft with an issue on "Body x Space", and have on board one of Singapore's best writers Ng Yi-Sheng, offering a feature article about the various imageries of body in English poetry in Singapore. To extend the scope of discussion, we also invited other writers who touched on the issue of "body" in the areas of cinema, philosophy and gender studies.

Open Call – seeking literary or visual contributions

Besides a brand new layout, another change to the format of the publication is the addition of an Open Call segment, where we welcome literary or visual contributions relating to the theme of the issue. Our next issue, to be launched in December 2013, will be on "Memory x Space". Anyone who is interested to contribute to the publication can write to us at draft@dramabox.org.

Creative team:

Producers: Amanda Leong & Nicole Lim
Editorial: Amanda Leong, Teo Eng Hao & Wang Fang
Advisors: Koh Hui Ling & Kok Heng Leun
Art Direction: Ling Poh Foong
Design: msnin

Past issues:

For media enquiries, please contact:

Amanda Leong
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Nicole Lim
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About Drama Box

Drama Box is a non-profit contemporary Chinese language theatre company with charity status. Formed in 1990, it has since gained a respectable reputation for its acute sensitivity and perception in heightening social awareness and civic responsibility. Our productions remain fun and entertaining, yet thought provoking and reflective.

Drama Box's mission is to create, present and curate AESTHETICALLY COMPELLING THEATRE with a BROAD SOCIAL REACH, through DEEP AND INTIMATE ENGAGEMENT.

Drama Box hopes to continue creating theatre that is aesthetically strong and compelling to connect effectively with our community, and establish an engaged and active relationship with them. We also aim to present theatre with broad social reach, not only limited to the number of people we reach out to, but also the scope of the content, and the ideas behind the creation.

Our productions engage deeply and intimately with our community. They are mesmerised by the aesthetic experience (entertainment), provoked to think about the issues discussed (critical thinking), and participate actively in our work as "Spec-Actors" or "Creators" (dialogic).

Drama Box is a recipient of the National Arts Council's Major Grant 2012

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