Bus Stop

15 - 17 Mar 2012

Goodman Arts Centre

A group of people come to a bus stop, a routine fixed within their everyday life.

They wait for a bus that will take them to their destination, an ephemeral place that without fail, they must arrive.

They wait on ceaselessly, but the buses trail on, paying no heed to their existence. Minutes, days, months and years go by, bringing all hopes and dreams to naught. Yet...they continue to wait.

Now faced with a dilemma, these people have to decide. Should they continue to wait for the bus to take them to their destination? Or should they pursue a different route?

Artistic Director Koh Hui Ling
Producer Tay Jia Ying, Kate Wang
Director Han Xuemei, Ho Kian Tong
Script Consultant Chong Tze Chien
Playwright Lam Dan Fong, Tan Wei Ting
Production Manager Zhang Shanshan
Stage Manger Jasmine Leong
Assistant Stage Manager Vanilla Zhu
Set Design Myra Loke, Tan Wei Ting
Lighting Design Gabriel Chan
Sound Design Chung Kun Wah
Costume Design Lim Hwee Peng
Cast Chng Yi Kai
Han Xuemei
Liew Jiayi
Myra Loke
Neo Haibin
Mitchell Poon
Entia Seah
Teo Eng Hao
Supporting Partners
& Radio Station
National Arts Council
a.r.t.s. fund
Kuo Pao Kun foundation
PAssion Card
Radio 1003


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