Fresh Takes

20 - 21 Feb 2010

Esplanade Concourse

As part of Huayi 2010 Festival commission: SCENES
In collaboration with NeNeMas & ARTivate (Singapore)

Fresh Takes is showcase of Chinese language theatre productions put up by Singapore schools, curated by theatre director-performer Peter Sau. Get a glimpse of the creativity of our young talent in this selection of plays.


by CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
20 Feb 2010

Mr. Lee's factory is emitting poisonous gases that pose harm and danger to the environment. As the presider of the Environmental Club, his wife can tolerate him no more. Unexpectedly, she leaves grimy and unfeeling Earth, and enters into a pollution-free Utopia...

Mosquitoes, I Love You!

by Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
20 Feb 2010

At the campsite, a mosquito-catching competition is going on. With only five minutes to go, the lagging team tries desperately to catch up. Where and how can they find more mosquitoes?

The Patients

by Millenia Institute
20 Feb 2010

Through the stories of three patients who visit a psychiatrist, this play forces us to question ourselves and our sense of identity - do we know who we are or has the hectic pace of life eroded our senses of self?

Braised Pork Rib

by Nanyang Junior College
21 Feb 2010

A father and his son are drifting apart due to the demands and pressures of a modern society, until the onset of the father's Alzheimer's disease. Can familial love truly survive anything?

Dreams Of Blackie The Goldfish!

by Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
21 Feb 2010

Blackie is not satisfied with life in a fishbowl and years to return to the vast sea. However, life was not any happier even after she embarks on a new journey to discover her paradise. Will Blackie eventually find her paradise?

Big and Small

by River Valley High School
21 Feb 2010

A Song Dynasty General travels through time to land on a tiny island. He is amazed by the bizarre characters he encounters, including villains who exploit the kind workers who dabble in office politics, students on a continual paper chase and an imprisoned Lion Fish...


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