05 - 15 May 2005

Esplanade Theatre Studio

Adapted from Oscar Wilde's love letters, The Happy Prince And Salome, Happy explores the manipulations and emotional turmoil in the search for love and happiness.

The musical theatre opens with the trial of Oscar Wilde, where he was convicted for sodomy. Alone in his cell, feeling hurt and betrayed by the society that once loved him, Wilde questioned the notion of love in this conservative society.

Originally set in Ancient Rome, Salome is a verse drama about lust, desire and anger. Now adapted to the present and set to the ruthless corporate world in the midst of a war, religious fervour and gender revolutions. Salome is the step-daughter of a high profile corporate director, Herod, who profits from the war. A religious activist, Jokanan, condemns Herod. Salome meets Jokanan and falls for him but Jokanan rejects her love. Angered and hurt, Salome plots for his death...

The Happy Prince is Oscar Wilde's most well loved fable about the Happy Prince who gives everything he has and a wonderful and loyal swallow that sacrifices its life to accompany The Prince in his journey of selfless giving.

Conceptualised by, Director Kok Heng Leun
Original Music & Lyrics Huang Yun Ren (Eric Ng), Xiao Han
Cast Li Xie
Danny Yeo
Johnny Ng
Koh Hui Ling


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