Parallel Cities - Factory

18 May - 02 Jun 2012

NPE PRINT Communications

In the old days, cities were built around factories. Today, the factories are built far outside the city boundaries. The laws of modern labour were once dictated by the factory; now the laws of the market stipulate the products as well as the production rates and values. Factories are places of encounter between the social classes, from cleaning staff over assembly line workers to quality managers and sales directors up to the factory owner. Each one has an individual relationship to their work and to the factory. They are bound together by rules and contracts. The rules define who does what, the movements of people, the course of the working day.

The audience travels by coach to the fringes of the city, where they look at a factory. As the product that goes from one person to the other, they travel along the assembly line, and get to know different faces, different ways of working.

What does the workers' day look like? Do they see and hear the same things every day? And, if so: are their thoughts also identical, day in, day out? Why are the machines still manned by human beings? Why is it that we need places where repetition and singularity live next to each other? What is and what represents a factory today? The most important thing at the end seems to be movement.

Director Gerardo Naumann
Co-Director & Facilitator Koh Hui Ling
Cast David Wong
Xu Zhao
Tan Swee Boon
Zhao Chun Gang
Liau Ang Hock aka Heng


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