Forum Theatre

Trick or Threat!

As part of Esplanade’s F.Y.I programme

Images courtesy of Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.
Shot by Zinkie Aw.

21 – 24 May 2018

2.30pm & 5pm

Esplanade Theatre Studio

Performed mainly in English with some Mandarin and Malay (with English surtitles)


Drama Box’s longest running Forum Theatre performance is back! This time it is given a new lease of life and made “youthful” for a youth audience.

Five passengers of different ethnicities are trapped in an MRT cabin. One of them receives an SMS about a bomb, sending everyone into a state of panic.

Trick or Threat! is a forum theatre performance that explores racial biases surrounding terrorist threats. It also provides a safe space for students to participate and try out different ways of solving the problems presented in the play.


More about Trick or Threat

Trick or Threat! was created in 2007, after the September 11 attacks. It was created from a deep-seated concern about the ability of Singaporeans in dealing with racial tensions when faced with the threat of terrorism. It was denied an outdoor performance license just days before its slated performance, and had to be staged inside a tent.

The Media Development Authority advised the group to move the production indoors, as “staging the play in an outdoor location, and using forum theatre – where the audience determines how the play develops – could create unforeseeable tensions and reactions from the public”.

This piece has since become Drama Box's longest-running show, and has been staged several times for grassroots and community leaders, underlining the continued relevance of this topic in Singapore.

In 2015, Drama Box re-staged Trick or Threat! during SCENES: FORUM THEATRE. It was one of the highlights of the Forum Theatre Festival, and it was being staged inside GoLi – The Moving Theatre, Singapore’s first mobile inflatable theatre.

Nevertheless, the performance has still never been staged outdoors – the environment that it was originally created for.


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