Drama Box

Drama Box is a non-profit contemporary theatre company with charity status. Formed in 1990, it has since gained a respectable reputation for presenting works that raise social awareness and inculcate civic responsibility amongst Singaporeans. Our productions are fun and entertaining, yet thought-provoking and reflective.

Our Vision & Mission

Drama Box's mission is to create, present and curate AESTHETICALLY COMPELLING THEATRE with a BROAD SOCIAL REACH, through DEEP AND INTIMATE ENGAGEMENT.

Our works engage dialogically with the people and their socio-political conditions. We want audience to be stimulated by the aesthetic experience, provoked to think about the issues presented, and participate actively in our works as "Spect-Actors" or "Creators".

Drama Box is a recipient of the National Arts Council's Major Grant 2017 - 2020. Drama Box is a member of the Singapore Chinese Language Theatre Alliance.

“To me, Drama Box stands out as a second-generation Chinese-language theatre company (if one considers Theatre Practice as the first generation) which has raised the bar of Mandarin theatre despite all the limitations of working in that language.”
Clarissa Oon
Correspondent, The Straits Times Life!


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