The Creative Brains Behind GoLi

Co-Artistic Director (Programming)
Koh Hui Ling
Kok Heng Leun

William Tan & Ting-Ting Zhang
(Atelier Watt)

William & Ting-Ting were lead designers at Zaha Hadid Architects, a Pritzker prize winning design firm and have managed design teams in various high-profile international projects.

They are experienced in performance venue design and creation of public architecture and the public realm, having worked on numerous performance venues. Projects include: Grand Theatres in Morocco (Rabat and Casablanca), National Performance Arts Centre in Kaoshiung Taiwan (competition, 2nd prize), People's Conference Palace in Tripoli, Libya and opera houses in Middle East.

They are highly conversant and interested in advanced fabrication techniques vis-à-vis digital design platforms and how these can be creatively applied in the manufacturing process of conventional, everyday projects.

William and Ting-Ting were educated at Cornell University in Architecture, modern political theory, film and philosophy. They also read business at University of Oxford. Under the tutelage of Neil Leach and Chris Perry's Responsive Systems Group (RSG) their thesis project "Terminal Life", an omni-channel user-responsive airport system was first presented at the 2006 American Institute of Architects Dean's Roundtable exhibition and later at the Beijing Architecture Biennale.

Both of them have an academic interest in political science, cultural theories and semiotics, specifically how urbanism shapes the way society behaves. Subsequently, they have published essays and lectured on urban and socio-political issues at the Venice Biennale and universities such as ETH (Zurich) and The Bauhaus.

Who are Watt

Atelier Watt is the think-tank of William and Ting-Ting. Borne out of their passion for objects of crafts and luxury, Atelier Watt's work traverses design and art, referencing the beauteous past, mirroring the present and projecting the hereafter.

Focusing on products, design-art, interiors and installations, they see Atelier Watt as the main vassal for their design and artistic projects that are not bounded by typologies, conventions nor trends - beyond the confinements of ‘form and function'. They wish to blend their ideas with traditional crafts and cutting-edge technique, creating objects that appeal both to the intellect and the emotion.

They envision The Goli Project as a blend of theatre making and architecture- bringing to the public a creative use of social spaces that provokes the imagination and participation of its inhabitants.


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