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For Teachers & Students

Drama Box has been actively engaging students and teachers in our unique pedagogy since 2004. Each year, we present a Theatre-In-Education performance targeted at the youth. Our hope is that students may be exposed to the magic of theatre whilst learning about and exploring social and youth issues as they watch and participate in the performances.

We also constantly offer Education-Through-Theatre and Education-In-Theatre workshops for students. We also recognise the importance of sharing our pedagogy with teachers through workshops so that they may use it in the classrooms to aid their teaching.

Our Pedagogy

We employ a systematic approach in carrying out Drama Box's participant-centered pedagogy. Through various theatre and drama techniques, we emphasise on experiential learning – self-motivated exploration and paying forward to the community.

We believe that through eliminating monologues in the process of learning, participants are encouraged to engage in creative dialogues and discussions hence developing their capability for self-reflection and critical thinking.

Our unique experiential programmes:

  • equip participants with important social skills and practical knowledge
  • allow participants to learn how an individual can affect the larger society and thus realise the importance of being a pro-active and responsible citizen

The theatre/drama techniques that we use include:

  • Theatre Games
  • Image Theatre
  • Forum Theatre
  • Process Drama
  • Thought-tracking
  • Mantle Of the Expert, etc

Click here for a PDF copy of our Theatre X Education 2015 booklet.

Workshops for Teachers

Blindmen & the Elephant

Teachers Training Programme
Boundless Imagination through Drama-In-Education

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Workshops for Students

Intro to Forum Theatre

Here is a workshop that stimulates interactive learning, and through the use of Forum Theatre, allows your students to become critical thinkers and active learners!

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