Introduction to Directing/Playwriting/Acting

Education IN Theatre Programme

Language English or Mandarin
Target Audience Secondary Schools, ITEs, JCs
(The lessons are customised according to the various levels)
Student Size 20 - 40 per group
No. of Sessions 7 sessions
Duration 3 hours (per session)
Cost $150 - $200 per hour/per instructor


Students will be introduced to the art of directing, playwriting and acting.


Intro to Directing/Playwriting

  • Introduction to the history of theatre
  • Basic directing / playwriting skills taught via a fun and engaging method
  • Being able to experience the role of the director / scriptwriter

Intro to Acting

  • Involves training basic acting skills based on a proven system comprising of Stanislavski, Meyerhold as well as Physical Theatre work


Intro to Directing/Playwriting

  • Students will learn script analysis, different dramatic elements, how to structure a play
  • Students will learn directorial and design concepts, stage compositions and other directing techniques
  • Students will get to work with actors and the rest of the artistic team during their work process and be able to direct / write a 5-minute theatre piece

Intro to Acting

  • Students will learn the working process of an Actor under the supervision of a professional director, thus students are equipped with the necessary skills to be involved in a full scale production in the future
  • Students will be able to act in a short skit improvised during the process

These programmes are endorsed by the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and are eligible for the 50% Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.

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Chng Siew Hong
St Michael's Primary School
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Chia Gek Kiang
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