Production for Public


An Esplanade Commission

12-14 July 2024

Air is a verbatim play, intimately sharing the authentic voices of the Orang Seletar, an indigenous coastal community that once lived in Singapore. First staged in 2019 as part of the well-received double bill, Tanah•Air: A Play in Two Parts, this new iteration of Air is a further development of the threads presented in the play’s original staging.

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Production for Schools

Participatory Theatre
The Lesson

Presented under Feed Your Imagination 2024 by Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

17-19 & 23-25 July 2024

In this participatory theatre production, facilitators will take students through a series of activities as they learn about the costs, risks, stakes, and sacrifices that come with creating a community.

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Workshops for Practitioners

Workshop for Critical Facilitation

3 - 4 Sep 2024

Using drama techniques, this workshop teaches the essentials of critical facilitation, from listening, to questioning, to critical thinking and problem-solving. Similarly, participants have included educators and social and community workers, and others whose work requires moderating discussions among people with diverse values and backgrounds, and unpacking layers of social and cultural constructs that influence how issues unfold.

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Production for Public

Project 12

Project 12 is an ongoing eco-social arts initiative led by Kok Heng Leun, exploring the future of sustainable living on Pulau Ubin. This is also Drama Box’s endeavour to reimagine art making in response to the current climate crisis. This multi-faceted project involving residents, stakeholders and artists includes artist residency programs, arts-based community-building activities, eco arts practices, an audio tour with visual art installations, and more.

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Production for Public

Art in the Commons: Dakota Cassia

2022 to 2024

Art in the Commons: Dakota Cassia is a multi-disciplinary contemporary art project that explores the process of community-building through the arts. The multi-year arts project, presented by Singapore Art Museum in partnership with Drama Box, aims to uncover community interests and create opportunities to kindle relationships.

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