Drama Box 1992-2002

(Foreword by Kok Heng Leun)

We ask ourselves the reason why we publish this collection of Drama Box's past works. What exactly needs to be documented?

After 10 years, Drama Box still believes in local creations, and thus our productions have always strived to gather the creators in the local mandarin theatre industry. While most people are familiar and used to the realistic performing style, this collection serves as a reminder to all of us of the other possibilities. From the early works Another Tribe which was topic-centred, to the epic Hazy Love 97 and the new form of martial arts performance Leng-Geh-Mng to the recent Beautiful Day performed in the prose style, to the deconstructed vaginaLOGUE and Boner, the stream of consciousness and technique of expression clearly mark the changes in our Mandarin theatre scene over the past years.

The practical question here is can we have more people begin writing plays, and help construct our country with the exploration of words? We hope that we will have more works worth documenting in our next 10 years.

Title: Drama Box 1992-2002
Editor: Lee Shyh Jih, He Xi Wei, Liu Jie Qi, Su Shi Xiong
Planning Editor: He Xi Wei, Liang Wen Ning
Responsible Editor: Xue Shu Hui
First Edition: May 2004
ISBN: 1-879771-86-1
Publisher: Global Publishing Co. Pte Ltd

Price: S$19.90

You can purchase the book online, at all major bookstores or from Drama Box. To purchase the book from Drama Box, please contact us.


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